Approximate Orchard Harvest Dates for
Ellijay, Georgia Apples

All varieties are not available for U-Pick. Limited picking availability in 2021.

Tractor rides are planned on weekends through October.

Subject to availability depending on weather and crop conditions. Dates of ripening may vary.

August 1-10 Detroit Red
August 15-30 Gala
August 15 - Sept.15 Honeycrisp
August 25 - Sept.15 Red Delicious
September 1-15 Golden Delicious
September 1-15 September Wonder
September 20-25 Rome Beauty
September 15-20 Suncrisp
September 15 - 25 Jonagold
September 15-25 Mutzu
September 20-30 Cameo
September 30 - October 10 Pritchett Golden
September 30 - October 15 Stayman Winesap
September 30 - October 15 Granny Smith
October 15 - October 30 Arkansas Black
October 25-30 Yates
October 5-15 Fuji
October 15-30 Pink Lady

...Availability depends on weather and crop conditions.

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