Apple Tasting/Cooking Apples Chart Is For Ellijay, Georgia Apple Orchards

Picking Typically Starts in Mid-August To Early September. Availability subject to crop conditions.

Taste the different varieties in the Apple House Farm Market or in the Orchard

Apple VarietyEstimated Harvest DateEating ScaleSauce ScalePie ScaleBaking ScaleCharacteristicsFlavor-TextureStorage
Ambroshia Mid September Excellent Good Good Good Light Red & Yellow Sweet,Firm, Crisp Good
Arkansas Black Mid October Good Good Good Good Black,Dark Red Very Hard Excellent
Cameo Mid September Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Reddish Brown with Vertical Stripes Mild,Crisp Excellent
Crimson Crisp
Early October Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Red Sweet,Sharp Excellent
Detroit Red Early August Poor Excellent Poor Fair Red,Chunky Mellow,Mild Poor
Enterprise Late September Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Red,Firm.Juicy Semi-Sweet,Firm Excellent
Evercrisp Mid October Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Red Crunchy, Firm, Sweet Excellent
Fuji Mid October Excellent Good Fair Fair Pinkish Red,Firm.Juicy Sweet-Firm Excellent
Gala Mid-August Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Red, Yellow Sweet, Crisp Good
Golden Delicious Early September Excellent Good(add less sugar) Good Excellent Yellow, Cooks Up Rich, Sweet, Crisp Excellent
Golden Supreme Early August Good Good Good Excellent Vibrant Yellow, Cooks up Mild, Firm Good
Granny Smith Early October Excellent Excellent, Chunky Excellent Excellent Green Sour, Hard, Crisp Excellent
Honeycrisp Early to Mid-September Excellent Good Fair Fair Reddish-Orange Sweet, Soft Fair
Jonagold Early September Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Reddish-Yellow/Cross between Jonathan and Golden Rich, Sweet, Crisp Good
Mutsu Mid-September Excellent Good(add less sugar) Good Good Greenish-Yellow/Cross between Granny Smith and Golden Juicey, Semi-Sweet, Crisp Excellent
Pink Lady Mid to late October Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Reddish-Pink Tart, Firm Excellent
Pritchett Golden Early October Excellent Good(add less sugar) Good Excellent Small, Yellow, Firm Firm and Sweet Excellent
Red Delicious Early September Excellent Chunky, Good Not recommended Not recommended Red, American eating favorite Rich, Sweet Good
Rome Beauty Late September Good Good Excellent Excellent Red, Juicy Mild, Crisp Excellent
September Wonder Early-Mid September Excellent Good Fair Fair Reddish Pink Sweet, Juicy, Crisp Excellent
Staymen Winesap Early October Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Dark Red, Stipes Tart, Juicy, Crisp Good
Suncrisp Early September Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Yellow-Orange Tart, Firm, Crisp Excellent
Winecrisp Mid-Late October Exellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Red, Juicy Sweet, Tart Excellent
Yates Mid-Late October Good Good Good Good Red Striped, Small in Size Juicy Excellent